🦅🍁🔥✨🤗one who understood life✨😊🔥🍁🦅

One who understood life.

In this world of uncertainty.In this time of uncertainty, what, who can asure us of certainty?what can be considered as certain,asure,definite?Where is the answer of this question?

   Lets try to find the answer.Of our question about certainty and uncertainty in life.

  This is the same story as all always been.Which starts from once upon a time!But offcourse different setting different wording and the what it have to talk to you is also different.

Lets see,So once in village there lived a wise sage.A wise rushi-muni.He was so so wisdom holding that people used to come to him from so far.To take his advices in difficult matters.To resolve unresolved issues.And to quench thirsts of their almighty hearts and mind.All about their wonderings and lust and descoveries and ambitions and dreams.

But the method of the sage was unique.whenever someone comes to meet him for whatever they have came.They were needed to first round the whole place seven time where the sage was sitting .A round full around the place including sage.And to Namskar him two times that too by sleeping on stomach “Dandwat pranam” what we call it.So whenever people use to come to meet him they use to fallow the same process.And then used to go for asking all their life related queries.

One person from so fars place one day came to meet this sage.cause he wanted to fullfill his quest related life regarding queries.He enter that village and ask people for the sage.Then he reached the meditating place of that sage.where he found the sage was meditating.As soon as he saw him,he suddenly go to the sage withouth even following the method to approach to the sage,not pranam,not dandawat pranam,no seven round nothing and started asking him if he can aswer his question.He says to the sage,”If you are really the one who can answer all questions of the human beings,all spiritual ,non spiritual, everything.Then you have to answer my this question.Tell me fast oh sage what is the truest ever meaning of life?!what is life?!…”

    Then the sage says,” how could I answer your question.I can’t answer it.As you haven’t followed the path all disciple follow ,all those who come to visit me follow,You haven’t done me dandawat pranam,not even simple pranam…And you are asking me to answer your question answer your query you tell me how could I answer it.!I would have answered but only if you have followed the method to approach  me.Now I ask you one question tell me why should I answer you?”

That disciple says that oh great sage! you call yourself sage.And how do you don’t no even this simple thing.That this life is uncertain.There is uncertainity everywhere surrounding us in this world.I am breathing at this movement ,you are breathing at this movement,but no one of us can tell that if just the next breath if we will alive or not.Anything can happen to us.And one can’t really tell about this uncertainity of life. It’s truth one can’t erase.And you are saying me that why I haven’t fallowed your method to approach you.And you are telling why you should answer my question.This is because of this uncertainty ,the uncertainty just about the next movement.the dances may be I would alive or Not.Then why should I waste my time in this.without first asking my quest about life.and My question about it.So that once I get the answer I would be fullfilled inside and even if I die or something I would do things happely and spend my rest of the life nicely. By the feeling of getting my answer.And that’s why oh sage! I can’t wait.Tell me my answer….”

After listening to that young man,the sage says that,”Dear young child.You are the person I were eagerly waiting for.All till now have came to me with somany important or unimportant questions of their own just to get answer of it from me.But no one of them was like you.You are different.And listen one thing.I can’t really answer your question you yourself have laredy got your answer.How can I now answer it to you.You alreday know the true meaning of life what is the true worth of life and what is really life is like.And that’s why my child you have already got it.The one who knows about the uncertainty of life.The one who knows the importance of each movement.The one who knows to be in present.Beacause of the eternal truth about uncertainty in this life.Have alredy came to know the true meaning of life.And is the ‘one who Understood the life’ and now my child I need not to quench your thirst as you already got your answer,now you are the One who Understood life“….

So what can we take with us from this story . Remember that life is short life is uncertain.But also enough and beutiful.And most importantly a one time offer.So know the worth of it just like the young man of our story. And have time for lively living . Otherwise sometimes we just miss living life in real sense! We are not machines.This body of us have great purposes given by nature or god to us. Live this life to its fullest. Accept the uncertainty in it. And live as intensly as you can. Have time for urself. Have time for your own peopl. Achieve your dreams ,do good things,Live lively,breath and hold on great gratitude for getting chance to have this life. Do the all things you have to do so you don’t regret latter. Quesch your thirst. Ask your life queries.Get answer to your each and every question miss the fogotten,meet those you haven’t meet since long,Hold old friends. Make new ones. Explore all things. Travell. Do everything worthy you want. And be fullfilled inside. And just forget other things. know the true meaning of life. And be the one who Understood life….

Away Beyond 🦅🔥🍁🔥🦅

🦅🍁🔥Life is beautiful🔥🍁🦅

🦅🍁🔥तथागतांचा अष्टकलाप आणि वैज्ञानिकांचा गॉड पार्टिकल: Sidharthas Ashtkalap and Scientists Godparticle(Part :1)🦅🍁🔥

        साॅक्रेटिसप्रणीत सुवर्ण माध्यमाच्या सिध्दांताचे मूळ सिद्धार्थ बुद्धांच्या मध्यम मार्ग सिध्दांतात आहे.प्रत्युत समुत्पादाचा बुद्धांनी लावलेला शोध वैज्ञानिक जगताच्या इतिहासात अपूर्व मानला जातो. सापेक्षतावाद सिद्धांताचा प्रणेता आईन स्टाइन यांच्या मते कोणताही पदार्थ स्वतःच्या उर्जेचा मोठा (पुंज) संघटन आहे.बुध्दांनी २६०० वर्षांपूर्वी सांगून टाकले होते की, विश्र्वातील प्रत्येक पदार्थ अष्ट कलापांचा पुंज आहे.अणू खंडित होऊ शकत नाही असं १९ व्या शतकाच्या पूर्वार्धापर्यंत शास्त्रज्ञ मानत होते.डाॅ. जे.जे थाॅमसन आणि त्यांचे शिष्य यांनी अणूचे विभाजन करुन रेणूचे अस्तित्व दाखवून दिले.याच रेणूनना बुद्धांनी कलाप असं नाव दिलं होतं.थोमसन यांच्या रेणू शोधापूर्वी जड पदार्थ, वस्तुमान, ऊर्जा या तीन तत्वांना कधीही बदल न होणारे मानण्यात येत होते.थोमसनच्या शोधामुळे असं म्हणनं विज्ञानाला कायमचे अंतरले.

     वर्तमान शतकात असा समज आहे की, प्रतिक्षणी पदार्थ मात्राचा उच्चेद होत असतो.हाच सिद्धांत साव्वीशसे वर्षांपूर्वी बुद्धांनी “पाज्जेलीतो लोको” या सुत्रा द्वारे मांडला आहे.त्याच प्रमाणे वैज्ञानिकांनी पदर्थमात्रांच्या कणाच्या स्पंदनांविषयी जी माहिती व्यक्त केली ती, बुद्धांनी ” सब्बे पज्जलितो लोको”( म्हणजेच अस्तित्त्व असणाऱ्या प्रत्येक गोष्टिची हळु हळू झिज होते ती संपुष्टात येते .)या सुत्राद्वारे व्यक्त केली होती.आधुनिक विज्ञान हे बुद्धाच्या अनत्ता व अनात्मव वादाच्या सिद्धांताचे प्रतिध्वनी आहेत.कौंटम सिद्धांत व बुद्धांचा अनत्ता सिद्धांत यात विल‌क्षण साम्य आहे.१९७० मध्ये  स्टॅंडर्ड मॉडेल जगापुढे सादर करण्यात आले.त्यानुसार पदार्थ मात्राच्या निर्मिती मागील मुल घटक कण बारा आहेत .बुद्धांनी चार धातू व त्यांचे चार प्रकारचे गुणधर्म यांच्या संयोगाने बनलेले अष्टकलाप हे पदार्थ निर्मिती मागील मूळ असल्याचे सांगीतले . केवळ कणांच्या संख्येत फरक . बाकी मते सारखीच . विश्व रचनेला कारणीभूत होणाऱ्या कणांची माहिती करून घेण्यासाठी अथवा त्यांची सत्य-असत्यता पडताळून पाहण्यासाठी नाबेल प्रारिताषिक प्राप्त कर्ता डॉ. अल्वारिस यांनी एक विशेष यंत्र बनविले . त्यांना या कणांचे अस्तित्व आढळून आले .हे  कण म्हणजेच बुद्धांनी सांगलेले अर्थात बुद्धप्रणीत अष्टकलाप .

(the I troduction above is taken from the book”Tathagatancha Ashtkalap Ani Vaidyanikancha Godparticle.)

-🦅🍁🔥AwayBeyond 🔥🍁🦅


🔥🍁🦅And I could never miss her cause The way I walked …🦅🍁🔥💗

That day we have to go to the doctor for my treatment. I visit that hospital first time.That was her hospital.Not a hospital .But a Hospital cum Home.Her means that of her doctor mother.

We enter the hospital.we registered for number.And enter the cabin.My mother was with me in doctors cabin.Dctore checked me.Ask for my problems.And the doctor also talked with us more than just about my checkup,like my study,my schedule,our family,yogas,food,and she aslo told about her daughters studies.

And when the whole conversation was going on the sparkling star come direct from sky into doctors cabin :).she was the daughter -daughter of that doctor.I said so cause she came suddenly..Not suddenly so..It’s not just hospital it’s her home..Not just doctor she is her mum…Off course she can come whenever she want.🍁

She stand behind the chair of her mother till my checkup was done.she was silent n quite.ok then she told her mamma that she is going to bring her dress by the scutty(her activa I think),and in way will Visit her in friend.with all love for daughter by putting smile her eyes yes eyes…Sometimes smile is in the eyes u have to only recognize.Said her to go.And exactly when did she came out of the cabin I truly don’t remember.

Truly I don’t remember all such beutiful sequences of that day clearly.Feel sorry for that but it’s ok.

Let’s go ahead,And she was standing by the counter.As usual my loving mother talk to peoples in hearty way.Also talk her.That day in real way my mother introduced myself to her..And her mother introduced her to me in the cabin itself.And genuinely at that time I was not like now. Not attitude,nothing Just ,Were a little bit introvert -those who talk to people in mind but take time to spell even a alphabet.Yes like that.

My mother make us introduce to each other.I talked her a bit by force.She also talked good to me.My mother said me to take her Number.Yess, which I might not ever take.true..(introverty)

Then we were sitting on the benches out side the encounter for patients to wait and sit.She was also there at that time.sitting on the front bencb with one women ,who served at the doctor’s place during hers(doctors daughters)childhood.She were telling her those stories of her childhood that ,how they use to play with her,how they use to pour their hearty love on her.we were listening that as well as happy to listen such beautiful things.That chachi was with her small granddaughter.That small girl was with icecreamme in her hand..A way of mucus coming to her icecreamme but the little was bussy eating icecrrem.That chachi wiped her nose.mighty child.

And she yes she of our story was too enjoying each and every bit of that movement.She was smiling sweetly to the Chachi when Chachi was telling her about her childhood.She was pouring her heart through her smile.what a beautiful world. Just love,Just happy ness,just piece,and her beautiful smile.I cloud glance at her eyes..They told me different story.A story about kindness ..A story of love…

When she was playing with the small girl….Was indirectly thanking that women to share beautiful movements of her childhood.A gratitude for giving her love,Gratitude to serve her mother,And Gratitude for all piece.I cloud read her eyes.For me She is a unwritten book.

True for a true love to come out of ur heart really nothing matters…No background,what ur mother do,what ur father do,to which family you belong,do u own a hospital or not.,nothing else matters….

Just you need to own a beautiful heart..I do remember every bit of that movement till today.I did tried to write it in words ,but some things u could only gather together deep into those beautiful memories..In the compartment of the heart..

I never forget beautiful movements of my life ..And I will never this too..And let me tell her that it’s hard to miss her cause the way I walked..And the form in which I reached her…

Sometimes you get to walk through such beautiful ways that leads you directly to the true beautiful pure hearts of peoples…Not just people’s ,not just movements,not just ways…But u reach those good kind hearts….U reach the true beauty which never fades…

And my dear nothing is more valueable than a beautiful heart in this world…..

So I will never miss her cause the way. I walked…🍁🦅🔥💗


🦅🍁🔥💚✔️🌳🌲Sister on the shoulder:🌿🌱💚✔️🦅🍁🔥

Once I was studying on the upstairs. I love to look at the beutiful nature views surrounding my house.

Those beutiful mountains,trees,farms,houses,birds flying high in the aky,animals on the street,animals in the farm,those different types of crops,temples and that hotel , offcourse I love everything to look at,I don’t come to know how I get myself Lost in that whole world of mother nature,everyday.

As usaul that day I was little bit into mybooks,little bit into mind..but observing that nature surrounding through my eyes.

Some young tin boys come.3-4in number.one of them must be their dominant little leader.Axe in his hand.Swag in their walk as if they come to do something great .Or like to save the world.The boy that dominant one must know how to cut the tree..There was new plotting going on near to the farm.And at that side there were two trees.Let me tell you they were my favourite one..I loved to look at them.I loved them intensly.I got too much attached to them.I still remember how the watercock used to come daily on the first tree..that first tree was like having round shaped cap like dom at top,small all leaves;and the second one was exactly how the lady look when she gives beutiful pose.I somany times felt like it’s just a women or a person standing like that.If have-have ever taken their picks I could show you ,but bad.I just draw them on my pages I just carv them in my memories..But never clicked in photograph..I love to click though.

I really don’t know what kind of those trees were .But they were like of medium hight. As an apple tree, if u have seen one somewhere.Yes like apple tree..,but those trees were specially used to bloom and used to have beutiful red colure small flowers only when the holly festival is coming..before that they used to bloom so beautifully..in old time they might be used for making clours..

Then those boys come to that side where the two trees were standing calmly and gracefully.That leader of those small boys started playing axe on that tree… I thought If he will take off only some branches..(some for us but the part of body for the tree though ) I was wondering what will happen next, and how I don’t no but I was unable to do anything..my mind couldn’t understand what was going there..afterall.,my buddies were getting cut..kill…die.. disappear.. to whom I could never see after..my dears….my favourite.I still feel sorry for my dear trees.

That boy in all attitude and with swag in actions were not only cutting the tree but was teaching his friends to how to cut a tree with an axe.Poor boys one must teach them how to put ‘the’ ‘axe’ on earth,and save those ‘trees’..then the scenario could be different.

I was just witnessing and wonder what next.I were frozen.I were stoned.I were paralised..and nothing I could do,such things happen, yes true such things happens when the stroke with the weapon done directly on the heart…not only the treess were getting killed,axen by someone.but my heart to the pieces..

Then the boys cut some branche take them to their place to put in fire for the Holika Dahan.Was that holaika Dahan or Dahn of my dear trees or the Dahan of mother nature.Our Indian Plant scientist Jagdish chandr Bose said that Plants do feel as humans.they have life.and they too respond…Now think what the tree might have felt..if that was a bush or just a grass one might ingnore it ,but a tree- tree like a grown child..In glance of my eyes everyday as if my siblings.how could I forget them!.

Whenever I use to look at them I use to think of them like my sister and me one tree that first one is my sister and that second one is me..For me those trees were sisters to each other.the soul sisters the true friend a never leaving or never letting eachother be alone –type family…why the first tree is my sister and second me cause its just same for me.Am here all alone and how it feels just those tree could know…

Then those boys come ,they took some more branches to their house might not in our colony for me they looked new.they again come then took some more branches.Then they again come and took big branches.And then after that they didn’t return that day..

And I cloud see the biggest and the main steam of the tree laying there on that road.Then the next day I go to the upstairs with my books to study. In the afternoon I were feeling like something is missing for my eyes to wonder for ,yes dear tree .my tree was missing it’s part on road and the another was looking for where it’s sibling gone!!!yes now in the part..killed died finished.No existance and there will be celebration on Holika diwas for the died tree.for it is no more.for It no more able to be with its sibling..

Then again they come..they come to take that last stem with them .The sign of their victory The sign of their values to how to destroy the nature right from this age,the victory of the person who teach them to handle the axe,The victory of the teacher who might have ignore the poem on tree who might have ignore to teach those boys the lesson on tree by heart,or who himself might not saved the the mother nature yet.The victory of the education system which never focused on our surrounding, which never focused on values , which lost into pages ,into numbers into records,the victory of the government which play for vote,they might think that they will survive in the vote.they might not need to breath ,they might not need my trees..

And that day the tree was alone so I was. The sister of the tree was now disappeared to be eternal for the happyness of humans ,for the festival of colour life lost only for the sake of Holika Dahan.And I could only think of the tree not tree sister tree ,sister tree of the second tree on the shoulder of that dominant young tin boy…And I only word I said myself….

Was…Was… Sister on the shoulder……



🐇🦅Merry Christmas and many happy returns.(story of a forest officer and his daughter)🦅🦅🦅🦅 ,🐇🐓🐔🐦🦅

Jean cowdence-for the love of Eagle.(book)

And I shall have some peace there.for peace comes dropping slow…-W B.Yeats.

मारुती चतमपल्ली-घरट्यापालिकडे या पुस्तकातील प्रस्तुत धडा आहे… Merry Christmas and many many happy returns.

गरुड दर्शन:

    निसर्गप्रेमी लेक जेव्हा सेवानिवृत्त फॉरेस्ट ऑफीसर

असणाऱ्या बापाला गरुड दर्शनाला घेऊन जाते.
रात्री शेकोटी पाशी शांत बसलेले असताना.  दोघेही अाकशा कडे बघतात, आणि; तीन डौलदार विशाल गरुडांच त्यांना दर्शन होतं .  आणि दोघेही हर्षून जातात .  आनंदात एकमेकांना MeryChristmas आणि many many happy returns म्हणतात.

       छोटीशी कथा पण खरंच सुंदर आहे. त्यांच्या निसर्ग प्रवासाचं वर्णन खुद्द आपल्यालाच निसर्गाच्या सानिध्यात घेऊन जातं. दरी खोरे पाणी झरे गवत असं सारं आपल्याशी बोलून जातं. आणि पात्रांची मित्र मंडळी आपली मित्र मंडळी बनतात. आणि कथे सोबतच आपले कष्ट फळास येतात.  गरूडाच्या रूपात. ते गरूड दर्शन मनावरची सारी मळभं दूर करतं. शून्य आणि अनंत यांच्या नेमकी मधली धृव तार्‍याची अढळ सुंदर निसर्गी शांती आपल्याला लाभते…सारे साक्षात्कार म्हणजे हेच. मनाचा पाठलाग करत आनंदाचे निर्वाण

Whole story:-

And I shall have some peace there for peace comes dropping slow

     गरुड आणि त्यांचं सौंदर्य सतत माझ्या डोळ्यांपुढं उभं ठाके .  डिसेंबरचा तो महिना .  म्हणून खगेश्वर आपल्या राज्याचं संरक्षण करताना फारसे जागृत नसत .  मी सृष्टीत अनेक दृष्यं पाहिलीत.  परंतु पर्वताच्या कड्यावर गरुडांचं शावक असलेल्या घरट्याइतकं सुंदर दृष्य क्वचितच असेल .
      या वेळी बाबादेखील माझ्याबरोबर होते.  वयाची नवद्दी ओलांडलेले.  पन्नास वर्षांच्या वैवाहिक सुखानंतर आईचं निधन झालं .  त्यामुळं त्यांना आताशा एकटं वाटणं साहजिकच होतं .  आम्हाला कल्पना होती की, गरुडकुल आता कुठं तरी दूर पर्वतात निघून गेलं असणार .  परंतु त्या गरुडांना पाहण्यासाठी बाबांची पर्वतात देखील जाण्याची तयारी होती.  त्यांचा आवडता कुत्रा सोबतीला होता. अगदी आपल्या तब्येतीन दगडाधोंड्यातून वाट काढीत भटकत ते पठारावर आले .
     चोहोकडं एकदा त्यांनी नजर टाकली .  म्हणाले,
” अग, तुझ्या गरूडाचं जग मी माझ्या कल्पनासृष्टीत पाहायचा परंतु आता प्रत्यक्षात पाहतोय त्यात जमीन अस्मानचा फरक आहे आज इथं तुझ्याबरोबर आलो नसतो तर सुंदर अनुभवाला मुकलो असतो.  ” समोर विविध वृक्षवल्लींना पर्वत सुशोभित दिसत होता. बाबा एकेकाळचे नावाजलेले वनस्पतिशास्त्रज्ञ .  त्या शास्त्राविषयी गाढ ज्ञान असलेले .  एका खोलगट भूखंडातून झरा वाहत होता.  त्याच्या काठी रंगबेरंगी फुलांचे ताटवेच्या ताटवे फुलले होते .  जागा शांत होती.  तिथंच एका कातळावर आम्ही दुपारची जेवणं आटोपली गेल्या हिवाळ्यापेक्षा इथं अधिक पाखरांचे प्रकार दिसत होते .  फुलपाखरांच्या थव्यांचे प्रवाहच्या प्रवाह त्या फुलाफुलावरन वाहायचे .
           नाचऱ्या पक्ष्यांची ओळखण करण्याची जणू आमच्यात चढाओढ लागली होती .  तेवढ्यात एक नाचरा पक्षी समोरच्या कातळावर बसला .  किंचित वेळ थांबला .  क्षणातच एकदम चमकला अन् सुरेख लकेर काढीत निघून गेला .
      दूसरा असाच एक पक्षी .  पिंकी त्याचं नाव.  गरूडाच्या  टापूतच त्यांन आपल घर केल होत.   हा चिमुकला पक्षी गरुडाबरोबर आभाळात उडण्याची स्पर्धा करायचा .  या खगेन्द्राचं साऱ्या आभाळात साम्राज्य पसरलेलं .  त्याच्या अचाट शक्तीशी कुणाचीच तुलना करता येणार नाही या सुवर्णपक्ष्याइतकं उंच कोणी उडणार नाही .  परंतु हा धिटुकला पक्षी त्याच्याइतका उंच भरारी मारी .  मनात म्हणायचा , ” बघा मीदेखील या गरूडा पेक्षा कमी नाही खरं म्हणजे मीच तुमचा राजा.”
      त्या चिमुकल्या पाखराच्या दांडगाईबददल आम्हाला हसू येई.  विश्वासानं आणि मोठ्या कौतुकानं ते पाखरु आजूबाजूला उडतांना पाहून बाबा म्हणाले,”पाहा तर खरं हा गुलाम कसा एखाद्या छोट्या सम्राटासारखा शोभतोय!”
        पठारावरून समोरचं ‘ बर्ग ‘वरचं कडं एखाद्या
टोपासारखं दिसे. ताच्या भोवती निळ्या,जांभळ्या पर्वतमाळा पसरलेल्या. ते ठिकाण दूर होतं. कदाचित बाबा पुनः ते कधी पाहू शकले नसते. परंतु ‘ड्रगन बर्ग’च्या विशाल सौंदर्यानं त्यांचं अंतःकरण भिजून चिंब झालं. तिथल्या गंधाने त्यांचं मन पुलकित झालं. वाऱ्यामुळं त्यांचे पांढरे केस उडतांना दिसत.  डोळे आनंदात चमकत.  उदासतेने झाकलेला त्यांचा चेहरा पाहून माझ्या मनावरचं ओझं कमी झालं.
          बाबा त्या अद्भुत पठारावर हिंडत-फिरत होते. एका ओहोळातून पायपीट करीत मी कड्याची वाट धरली. बरोबर दोन ससे‌ घेतले.  नेहमीप्रमाने त्यांना पर्वताच्या उतारावर सोडून द्यायचं होतं. गरूडांना हे  दिसतीलच असे नव्हे. पण पर्वतावर जातांना रिकाम्या हातानं कसं जायचं!त्यांना मी पर्वताच्या उतारावर सोडून दिलं, आणि गरूडाचं घरटं पाहायला गेलो. ते घरटं म्हणजे छोटीशी बागच होती.  काट्याकुट्यातून लहान लिलीची फुलं विपुल प्रमाणात वाढली होती. उत्तम खतावलेल्या भरड घरट्यांतून जांभळी फुलं वेड्यासारखी फुललेली दिसत होती.
     जिकडं तिकडं शांत होतं. पर्वताच्या पायथ्याला असलेल्या माझ्या ‘झुलू’ मित्रांजवळ बाबा चहासाठी गेले होते. त्यांच्याजवळ पोहोचले तेव्हा भरदुपारी आभाळात ढग जमायला सुरुवात झाली होती. स्वर्गीय सुंदर अशा प्रदेशातील गरूडाच्या घरट्याची छायाचित्रं
घ्यायला जेव्हा जेव्हा अर्थर आणि मी गेले तेव्हा तेव्हा त्या आगत्यशील आदिवासी झुलूंनी आम्हाला सर्वतोपरी साहाय्य केलंय. दर आठवड्याला आम्ही एकमेकांना भेटवस्तू द्यायचो. त्यांच्या करता मी रोजच्या गरजांची सामुग्री, कपडालत्ता आणि ताजा पाव घेऊन जायची. त्या मोबदल्यात ते मला ताजी अंडी खायला द्यायचे.
    एकदा मी पहाडावरुन खाली गावात आले.  तोच पाय आवळून बांधलेला एक कोंबडा त्यांनी मला घरी नेण्यासाठी दिला.  मी काहीतरी बतावणी करून त्या कोंबड्याला मुक्त केलं.  तेव्हा तो पुन्हा अनेक बायका असलेल्या आपल्या कुटुंबात जाऊन मिळाला.  तो मला खूप आवडायचा.  प्रत्येक वेळी गावात प्रवेश केला की हटकून त्याची भेट व्हायची.
        हिमसेकांनी आच्छादित अशा पर्वतशिखराकडं माझ्या मनचक्षूंपुढं काय येत असेल सांगू. पर्वताच्या पार्श्र्वभूमीवरची ती घरं.  तिथं राहणारे माझे दोन मित्र आणि त्यांची चार मुलं असणारा आनंदी परीवार. थंडीवाऱ्यातून थकून भागून मी तिथं परतलेय. आगोटीसमोर शेकत त्यांच्याशी गप्पागोष्टी करीत बसलेय!
         नेहमीच्या सवयीनं मी वर पाहिलं. आजच्या दिवसानं मला किती भरभरून दिलं होतं. त्या कृतज्ञतेनं माझं मन भरून गेलं होतं. त्या गरुडाच्या टापूत काय दिसेल या अपेक्षेनं माझे डोळे सतत आभाळाकडं लागलेले असत.
         पर्वताच्या दूर रांगांवरून हवेत तरंगत धुकाळलेल्या थरथरत्या वातावरणातून सुंदर रीतीनं धुकं कड्याकडं झेपावत होतं .  मी त्यांच्या दर्शनानं आनंदविभोर झाले .  ” बाबा ! ” मी मोठ्यानं हाक मारली . ते उभे राहिले . समोर निळ्या आभाळात तीन गरूड उडताना त्यांनी पहिलं . क्लिओ आणि तिची मातापितरा ! ज्या उतारावर ससे सोडले होते , त्या वरून त्यांनी एक दोनदा घिरट्या घातल्या आणि ती पर्वताच्या शिखराकडं निघून गेली काही क्षणांतच पुन्हा ती त्रयी आकाळात कोरल्यागत दिसत होती . गरुडयुगुलांनी सशावर झडप घातली क्लिओ त्यांचं अनुकरण करीत होती . ती दोघं आपल्या शावकाची वाट पाहत होती . नंतर आमच्या माथ्यावरुन ती उडत गेली .
       “मेरी ख्रिसमस् ” मी आनंदानं मोठ्यानं त्यांना उद्देशून ओरडले. त्यांनी माझ्याकडं पाहिलं . मनानं मी त्यांच्याबरोबर हवेत तरंगत होते . ” अँड् मेनी हॅपी रिटर्न्स ” बाबा त्यांच्याकडं बघत म्हणाले . आम्ही खळखळून हासलो . वर्षातील कोणताही दिवस असो , बाबा असंच लोकांचं स्वागत करीत . ती त्यांची रितच होती. त्यांना वाटे प्रत्येक दिवस कोणाच्यातरी वाट्याला भाग्य घेऊन येतो. या वेळी तर माझ्या नशिबी खरोखरच भाग्याचा दिवस होता.
           आम्ही वर पाहिलं , गरुड हवेत पिंगा घालत होते . नंतर ते ढगात दिसेनासे झाले . ते पुन्हा परतले . अजूनही त्यांच्या पंजात ससा दिसत होता . बाबा त्या दृश्याकडं निरखून पाहात होते. जणू ते सुंदर दृष्य अंतरंगात टिपीत होते . असं बघताना बाबांना आईचीही आठवण झाली असावी! त्या गरुडांनी बाबांना जी काही अमोल भेट दिली त्याबद्दल कृतज्ञेशिवाय त्या पाखरांना मी काहीही देऊ शकत नव्हते .
      ते दिसेनासे झाले तरी आभाळाकडे बाबा कितीतरी वेळ पाहत राहिले . एकदा त्यांनी माझ्याकडं पाहिलं . बोलले काहीच नाही. त्यांच्या चेहऱ्यावरील अवर्णनीय भाव पाहून तर मी थक्क झाले .     
          (Maruti chitampalli..Jeanne Cowden यांच्या For Love of an Eagle या ग्रंथातील “Merry Christmas!” And “Many Happy Returns” या प्रकरणावर आधारित .)